HIVE 2019

Co-Creator, Performer, Producer

Produced by The Hive Performance Collective in association with Presentation House Theatre and The Magnetic North Theatre Festival

Created by Brian Postalian, Pascal Reiners, and Jackie Rowland

'Untitled Project' CREATED BY - Brian Postalian, Pascal Reiners, Jackie Rowland

HIVE 2019 was an exciting mad-dash immersive theatre event of micro performances in a one-day-only venue take-over of Presentation House Theatre.

Each unique performance was experienced in whatever order the audience chose, journeying into 10 mini-worlds: from one-on-one encounters to pop-up pierogi cooking to immersive walkabouts. Organized in no particular viewing order, you'd venture to catch as many performances as you so chose in between gathering with other guests in our central hub to drink, meet and socialize.

Photos by Javier Sotres

Website by Sebastien Galina