Access Me

Associate Director, Co-Creator, Producer

Aki Studio (2023)
Cahoots Theatre (Artist in residence 2016-2019)
SummerWorks Lab (2017)

A queer disability sex-positive performance. Access Me is provocative, intimate, and hot.
A fun, sexy, and all-access exploration of the lived experience of three queer disabled men featuring creators & performers Andrew Gurza, Frank Hull, and Ken Harrower. Audiences are invited to join these three charismatic performers for a personal exploration and public celebration of queer sexuality and disability.

In Access Me, Andrew, Frank, and Ken have come together to create a space where we can all speak to experiences that rarely, if ever, are seen on stage. Expect to connect on a new level at this intimate and interactive performance. Be ready for a fun time as the theatre transforms into an all-access dance club, just in time for Pride!

Created by The Boys in Chairs Collective (Andrew Gurza, Frank Hull, Ken Harrower, Debbie Patterson, Brian Postalian, Jonathan Seinen)

Performers: Andrew Gurza, Ken Harrower, Frank Hull
Director: Jonathan Seinen
Associate Director: Brian Postalian
Dramaturge: Debbie Patterson
Stage Manager: Milena Fera
Set & Props Designer: Michelle Tracey
Assistant Set Designer: Sarah Yuen
Costume Designer: Laura Delchiaro
Projection & Video Designer: Julia Howman
Sound Designer/Composer: River Oliveira
Associate Producer/Personal Support Worker: Jordan Campbell
Production Manager/Technical Director: Carlos Varela
Assistant Production Manager: Nathan Gregory
Associate Producer: Lorna Craig

Photos by Ana Higuera

Website by Sebastien Galina