Access Me

Associate Director, Co-Creator

Cahoots Theatre (In development)
SummerWorks Lab (2017)

For one night only, what if all your dreams became accessible? No able-bodied jerks, bi-ped pity party or hero-crip inspiration porn - just an all access space to dance those wheels around. Join us for a celebration of sex and disability. Andrew, Frank, and Ken have come together to create a space where the disabled and able-bodied can speak to experiences that rarely, if ever, are seen on stage. Immediate and intimate, provocative and personal, and most of all incredibly hot and sexy, Access Me welcomes all bodies to our queer disability sex-positive space.

Created by The Boys in Chairs Collective (Andrew Gurza, Frank Hull, Ken Harrower, Debbie Patterson, Brian Postalian, Jonathan Seinen)

Performers: Andrew Gurza, Ken Harrower, Frank Hull
Director: Jonathan Seinen
Associate Director: Brian Postalian
Dramaturge: Debbie Patterson
Stage Manager: Aidan Morishita-Miki
Scenography (Set/Props/Lighting) Designer: Michelle Tracey
Costume Designer: Laura Delchiaro
Video Designers: Kyle Duffield, Madison Cooke
Sound Designer/Composer: Johnny Salib
Design Consultants: Audrey-Anne Bouchard, Jan Derbyshire
Assistant Designer/Associate Producer/Personal Support Worker: Jordan Campbell
Production Manager/Technical Director: Jayson McLean
Producer: Yousef Kadoura
Producer: Jonathan Seinen

Photos from the 2019 design workshop by Dahlia Katz

Website by Sebastien Galina